Ready to Serve Sauerkraut in 3 differents styles

We are proud to offer our soft and delicate sauerkraut in three differents styles, ready to serve, to pair with chicken, fish and pork meat. These three new recipes, the gourmet style, the traditional french style and the coastal style come in convenient pouches you can put directly in the microwave for three minutes to enjoy a delicious vegetable side dish with plenty of health benefits.

The Herald Times News ( recently wrote an article entitled "Sauerkraut: the new 'superfood'?"  In this article, Suzanne Weiss talks about rediscovering the benefits of fermented foods for health, wellness and healing.  "Sauerkraut is rich in Vitamin C and was valued by ancient sailors on long voyages because it helped prevent scurvy.  It has been touted as everything from an immune booster to a flu and cancer-fighting superfood."  





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Complete control of the process    


From the field to your plate, our company has complete control over all the stages involved in growing and processing.

Traceability starts from the beginning
Our farming division produces some of the raw materials that are to be processes on our very own land. The remainder is grown by farmers belonging to a CUMA (farming cooperative) within a 6 miles radius.
The favoured land on the Brienne plain, rich in alluvia, provides excellent growing conditions for the cabbage, which takes up large quantities of trace elements and minerals.
We decided to enter into a close partnership with our growers : on their behalf, we select seeds from the suppliers and together with them we monitor growth up until the harvest.

We can trace our way all the way back from the final product to the cabbge seed.

Thanks to its rigorous production techniques and commitment to quality, our company has had FR 10.047.01 CE approval since 1991, awarded by the Departmental Direction of Veterinary Services which authorises it to expand its business abroad.

Since 1996 we have adopted the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and critical control points) approach to identify and eliminate food hazards and to boost our quality organisation.

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