Ready to Serve Sauerkraut in 3 differents styles

We are proud to offer our soft and delicate sauerkraut in three differents styles, ready to serve, to pair with chicken, fish and pork meat. These three new recipes, the gourmet style, the traditional french style and the coastal style come in convenient pouches you can put directly in the microwave for three minutes to enjoy a delicious vegetable side dish with plenty of health benefits.

The Herald Times News ( recently wrote an article entitled "Sauerkraut: the new 'superfood'?"  In this article, Suzanne Weiss talks about rediscovering the benefits of fermented foods for health, wellness and healing.  "Sauerkraut is rich in Vitamin C and was valued by ancient sailors on long voyages because it helped prevent scurvy.  It has been touted as everything from an immune booster to a flu and cancer-fighting superfood."  





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With the experience of four generations and using the latest technology, we are the leading French manufacturer of sauerkraut. We have been growing cabbages since 1906 at Blignicourt, at the heart of the Champagne region, under special growing conditions. The land combined with our expertise means that we can produce sauerkraut of exceptional quality that is particularly soft and light.





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